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What are causes of Lower back pain?

Lower Back pain can be caused by trauma such as a fall or an accident, or repetitive micro traumas. These are activities that do not require effort but by being constant throughout months or years, they can result in pain. Another cause may be bad posture or an inherited problem such as being born with a slightly shorter leg or a spinal abnormality.

But there are also organic reasons why a person experiences lower back pain, such as kidney infections.

Our in-office treatments for this are chiropractic manipulation, manual massage, physical therapy through electrical stimulation of muscles, activation point therapy, mechanical traction and ultrasound. We also use decompression of the lumbar discs and eventually conclude with stretching and strengthening rehabilitation exercises plus patient education to achieve good posture and prevent ongoing problems. 

By marking specific chiropractic adjustments, Dr.Quintana will help better positioning and movement to the vertebrae of your spine. This will allow the nerves in your spine to be free of pressure or irritation.


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