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Can a Chiropractor help with a herniated disc?

Can a chiropractor help with a herniated disc?

Herniated discs can be a very painful medical condition. Having a disc out of place can result in numbness or weakness in the arms or legs. A chiropractor can diagnose and offer treatments to help with the disc without the need for surgery.

What is a herniated disc?

Discs are spongy tissue located between vertebrae of the spinal column. As a child, the discs are filled with fluid, which makes them very soft. As you age, blood flows to the discs less, causing the discs to harden. Discs in adults are prone to bulging or slipping, called a herniated disc, due to the firmness. If one of these does occur, it can cause the following:

  • Pain or discomfort of the neck, shoulders, or arms
  • Pain or tingling in the lower extremities
  • Stiffness in the spine
  • Numbness in any body part connected to the affected nerves  

If you experience any of these sensations, a doctor may take an MRI to fully diagnose and recommend treatment for the issues. If it turns out that you do have a herniated disc, a chiropractor at the Miami chiropractic clinic can offer you a variety of treatments to help alleviate any pain and resolve the problem.

What causes a disc to herniate?

There is not one specific thing that can cause a disc to herniate. As previously stated, when adults get older, they naturally lose blood flow to the spinal discs. A disc can slip or bulge when too much pressure is put on the spine during tasks such as lifting a heavy object. Sometimes it can even happen due to a fall or a sudden blow to the back. The chances of this happening are greater in people who are overweight, have a physically demanding job or have a genetic predisposition to disc injury.

What treatments are available?

A chiropractor can use a few different treatments to help with the pain of disc herniation. These treatments, known as manual manipulations, involve the doctor making adjustments with his hands to flex the affected spinal joint, increasing the flow of blood. This will stimulate the nerve being affected by the disc, which will relieve the pain you are feeling. The doctor can also create a plan for you that involves therapeutic exercises to reduce the pain and increase flexibility.

If you are experiencing back pain or have already been diagnosed with a herniated disc, a chiropractor can offer you multiple solutions. The doctors at the Miami chiropractic clinic can administer treatments to improve your range of motion and reduce the amount of pain you feel. Seeking this help will improve your quality of life and get you back to doing what you love.