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Chiropractic care for shoulder pain.

People usually seek chiropractic treatment for relief of neck and back pain. Nevertheless, chiropractors don’t limit themselves to the care of the spinal column.

Most chiropractors are trained to adjust and treat extremities, including the knees and shoulders.

Have you ever noticed changes in your ability to move a shoulder or have you felt shoulder pain while you sleep?

There are various signs and symptoms of shoulder injuries. Most people will have to see a chiropractic doctor to find out the kind of injury they have and how it can be treated.

Shoulder pain can be caused by a specific injury, poor posture, or an activity that is repetitive in nature.

The chiropractor will examine and diagnose the specific problem and use a combination of physical therapy (ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation , therapeutic exercises and specific chiropractic adjustments) to restore proper function of the patient shoulder.

Benefits of chiropractic treatment for shoulder injuries:

  • Improve proper position of the shoulder girdle to help prevent future damage.  
  • Improves shoulder function and flexibility.
  • Decrease or eliminate  pain.

Our treatment can help you avoid surgery.

At Quintana Chiropractic Center we offer expert chiropractic care.

In the following video, Dr. Glenn Quintana explains how he treats patients that usually visit his office for relief of shoulder pain:

Shoulder injuries? – Quintana Chiropractic Center | Dr. Glenn Quintana

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