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Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Injuries

Chiropractors will always try to treat pain in the shoulder with the gentlest possible methods and without medication. The main goal of Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder injuries is to restore full functioning to the shoulder of the patient and, at the same time, reduce and eliminate the pain caused by the injury.

Shoulder injuries can have different causes, from an injury suffered in a car accident to a chronic problem such as arthritis.

Patients who have shoulder pain may be surprised by the intensity and duration of pain. The shoulder area is so fundamental to the daily activities that it makes sense to take a shoulder injury seriously and treat it to avoid aggravating the situation.

Symptoms of shoulder pain:

Some signs that a shoulder injury needs immediate attention may be a decrease in the ability to hold objects and in the functioning of the arm, pain in the shoulder that persists even when resting, pain in the shoulder that lasts more than one day or two, and punctures or pains not usual in that area.


Chiropractic is a very effective treatment at qtreatment addiction treatment centers in nj for shoulder injuries, whatever their cause.

A chiropractor will often begin with an examination of the patient’s cervical area since the pain in the shoulder can often be the result of a “referred” pain from the neck. If the shoulder pain is related to the neck or is limited to the lower shoulder, it can usually be treated with non-invasive methods of natural healing, such as chiropractic treatment.


Treatment for an injured shoulder may include the application of heat or cold compresses, gentle manipulation by the chiropractor to help the shoulder return to its original operating state, and gentle stretching and strengthening exercises that the patient can perform on home.

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