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Pain in the Neck

What’s Behind That Pain in the Neck?

There are few things worse than that pain in the neck that crops up from time to time. When your neck is stiff, achy and sore, it is distracting and often keeps you from reasonably going about your day. What’s behind these creeping aches and pains and what can you do to ease them? There are a few reasons why your neck pain might be recurring.

Positional Issues

For the most part, a pain in the neck is not a reason to panic. It is one of the most common afflictions people report to their chiropractor or general physician during routine visits. Generally, the pain can be attributed to an improper sleeping or sitting position. Think about how many times you’ve gotten up in the morning, only to be stopped mid-stretch by a sharp pain in the neck.

You may be sleeping in an unnatural position, or your neck might be crunched due to the wrong pillow and even mattress. Being in an uncomfortable position whether sleeping or sitting places a great deal of strain on the neck muscles and vertebrae.

Pain, such as that caused by positional issues, usually resolves on its own within a day or two. However, consider going to see a chiropractor by arcsfl to get an adjustment to the vertebrae in the cervical spine (the neck). A chiropractor can also work the muscles around the cervical spine and in the upper back to reduce tension which is a contributing factor to neck pain.

Recent Injuries

Have you experienced any recent trauma to your torso? If you have been in an automobile accident, even a very light fender-bender, chances are, the muscles in your back and neck were affected. Whiplash occurs at high rates in motor vehicle accidents and other incidents where the neck is forced forward and back with sufficient force.

Visit a chiropractic care facility to get a complete diagnosis and treatment plan for easing the effects of whiplash.

Over Compensation

You have probably placed more strain on your neck then you realize, especially when you are experiencing pain in other areas of your upper body. If you have a backache, for instance, you might alleviate the pain by shifting your weight one way or the other.

Doing so may wind up knocking the cervical spine alignment out of whack resulting in pain in the neck.

Underlying Issues

You may have an underlying medical condition, such as fibromyalgia or degenerative disc disease that is causing your neck to ache. Some viruses, like Hepatitis, can also manifest with neck pain. If you have sudden, severe neck pain that is sudden and accompanied by a fever, you should seek emergency treatment immediately.

It may be meningitis, a disease that is deadly if not treated right away.

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