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The 4 Surprising Things Chiropractors Can Help You With

A lot of people wrongly assume that the only thing chiropractors in Miami can help them with are back and neck pain issues. While it’s true that chiropractors mostly help clients facing these problems but there is a plethora of other things they can help out with as well. The practice of chiropractic medicine is mainly focused on disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems and how they end up affecting the body. A lot of chiropractors have got postgraduate training and board certifications in areas like acupuncture, sports/athletic injury, physical rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurology, clinical nutrition and pediatrics.
This means that when you step into a Miami chiropractic clinic, you can expect your chiropractor to help you with an extensive array of problems and symptoms. However, there are certain things that should only be left to medical doctors like treating injuries that need surgeries, broken bones, tumors, factures, chronic diseases, and the treatment of acute infections and emergencies. Here are the 6 surprising things that chiropractors can help you with:

Pregnancy Pain

Pregnancy is a tough time for most women. This period of time comes with a lot of aches and pains. The main reason for those is improper pelvic alignment which can cause sciatica and lower back pain in pregnant women. There are few options left for expecting mothers to get rid of the pain, since most treatments require surgery or pain medication which can affect the fetus. That’s why a lot of pregnant women acquire the services of lower back pain chiropractors in Miami.
There haven’t been many studies done on chiropractic care and pregnancy, but a study showed that getting chiropractic care may decrease the chances of back labor. Another study showed that more than 80% of women that got chiropractic care during pregnancy found relief from pain.

Digestive Issues

The nerves in the chest and abdominal part of the body are linked with digestion. Studies show that people who had abdominal pain suffered from thoracic disc herniation. This occurs when there is a problem between the spinal bones, and 75% of these patients were diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. This clearly shows that herniated discs can result in stomach problems.
When the thoracic vertebrae are not aligned, the nerves start ending improper impulses to the intestines and the stomach. This results in digestive problems like gas, bloating, and heartburn. Therefore, a chiropractor can keep the thoracic spine straight which will promote digestive healing and proper digestive functioning.


Chiropractors in Miami can also help with headaches when they are caused by upper back and neck pain. They can massage the area that is affected to loosen the muscles, which will result in relieving the headache. There needs to be more research done in this area, but individual case studies have already revealed that proper chiropractic care can get rid of headaches for chronic headache sufferers.

Blood pressure

We’re not saying that you should get rid of your medication and forget about your healthy lifestyle habits to lower your blood pressure. However, research has suggested that chiropractic care can also improve your blood circulation and blood pressure problems.