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Treat Your Shoulder Pain with Chiropractic Care

Few injuries are more debilitating than a bad shoulder. It’s easy to take your shoulder for granted when it’s healthy, but as soon as you are dealing with discomfort and pain it becomes glaringly apparent how fundamental your shoulder is in so many common actions in your daily life. Whether you’re dealing with a muscular strain or ligament injuries, all you’ll care about is finding shoulder pain relief which makes the pain go away, and quickly.

When most people think of a trip to the chiropractor, they are thinking about spinal treatments. While chiropractors are an excellent choice for neck and back therapy, they are also an excellent option for shoulder therapy. Just as a trained chiropractor knows just the right way to move and press on and around your spine to make the pain in your back go away, they apply the same principals when your shoulder is out of whack. If you’re dealing with shoulder pain, relief may be just a phone call to your local chiropractor away.

How to Tell if You Can Receive Shoulder Pain Relief From a Chiropractor

An experienced chiropractor is capable of providing shoulder pain relief for a variety of injuries. If you have any of the below symptoms, consider contacting a chiropractor for an assessment.

  • You are experiencing difficulty raising one or both arms. If you experience intense pain when raising your arm above or up to shoulder height, you likely have structural damage which a professional chiropractor can help to fix.
  • If you are suffering from decreased utility with one or both arms, a chiropractor can help. When you notice that carrying loads which previously would have been no problem, but now is too heavy or cause pain in your shoulder, you likely have damaged your shoulder.
  • Long lasting pain in your shoulder means you likely experienced a sprain or strain of the muscles or ligaments in your shoulder, and need treatment.
  • Consistent short term pains are also an excellent reason to speak with a chiropractor about shoulder pain relief.
  • Discoloration in your shoulder is an indicator of injury which should be treated. This includes both redness, which is a sign of possible infection, as well as bruising.

How a Chiropractor Helps Your Shoulder to Heal

Once your chiropractor has determined you are in need of shoulder therapy, they will begin a treatment plan consisting of a series of adjustments to your arms, shoulders, and back. These treatments are designed to lessen the strain on your injured shoulder, as well as provide adjustments in the event that your shoulder is not properly aligned in the joint.

There are many positive effects which come from receiving shoulder pain relief treatments with a chiropractor. Not only will the treatments reduce your daily discomfort, but they also serve to help loosen up the shoulder and its surrounding muscles. This leads to greater flexibility and range of motion, and the stronger structural basis of the joint allows it to grow stronger as well.

If you’ve been suffering from an injured shoulder, the time for treatment is now. Seek out a chiropractor who offers shoulder pain relief treatments and stop treating your shoulder pain like a constant you can’t get rid of. Start your shoulder treatment today, and be glad you did tomorrow.